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KADIA Honing machine

U6 NC Linear Honing Machine

2LH 60/350
(Minimum bore diameter : Φ2.0mm)

Extra-small bore honing below 0.8mm dia., match honing intended for fuel injection pump or nozzle, and seat honing are resolved by different type of machine.

  • Hydroless
  • Spindle high-speed stroke
    (PAT. PEND. in Japan)
  • Spindle high-speed rotation
  • Flexible process set-up

  • Flexible process set-up
    • 2 processes are possible for maximum honing,
      4 processes are possible for other sizes honing.
    • 50 variations are possible.
  • Compact designing
  • Shorten step-change time by easy tool change method
  • Auto-loading system is selectable as an optional extra
  • LH high-speed linear honing unit using direct drive technology is adopted.
  • Easy to use improved KADIA original controller

Target Workpiece

Automobile & Motorcycle

  • Fuel injection pump
  • Fuel injection nozzle
  • Small gear & Epicyclic gear
  • Sprocket

Hydraulic and pneumatic device

  • Sleeve

Main Specification
Minimum bore diameter φ2.0mm
Max. Stroke Length 350mm
Max. Spindle Rotation Speed 100-5000rpm
Max. Stroke Speed 50m/min
Stone Expansion System Mechanical expansion system
Bore Diameter Sizing System Internal Sizing System
Height of machine 3000mm
Floor space 1,600mm x 2,800mm
Machine weight 2.5t