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Environmental Policy

Nagel・Aoba Precision Co., Ltd. makes maximum efforts in every business activity to keep the global environment which is the most important for people in the world based on realization that efforts to protect environment is the key problem of the company.

July 1st 2013
Nagel・Aoba Precision Co., Ltd.
Managing Director Shintaro Ogawa

1. Through every operation, we work on the global-scale environmental loading reduction. We perform the following action positively and aim at the use reduction of natural resources and the drastic reduction of the waste.
  1. We positively suggest environmental products to a customer.
2. The active introduction of the power-saving apparatus and the reduction of the unnecessary electricity
3. Enforcement of paper resource conservation measures by the reduction of printing or copy
4. Reduction of fuel or the exhaust by the premeditated use of the company cars
5. We use many recyclable materials and aim at waste zero
2. We obey environmental laws and regulations concerned, and follow an agreement and keep a promise as well as supporting other requirements that an organization agrees to and the environmental conservation activity that the local community promotes.
3. We set the environmental purpose and goal in the technically and economically possible range, and establish the organization which can support a standard.
4. We make employees fully understand this environmental policy and promote consciousness improvement of each person for the environmental problem and promote the education enlightenment activity for effect increases.
5. We make each employee always take the diffusion of environmental conformity products into consideration and try to promote those products more, and to contribute to improvement of workplace environment.
6. We always disclose environmental policies and appeal our corporate social responsibility to the society.