NAGEL·AOBA PRECISION Specializes in Honing Technology

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Corporate philosophy
Create a loop of smile and appreciation.
3 missions
Create a company where employees
and their families appreciate each other
and feel solidality with smile.
Create relationship of mutual appreciation
with customers by providing technology
and products that make them satisfy and smile.
Continue relationship of full appreciation
each other and share smile with customers,
suppliers and society.
Standard of NAP Guideline
Face my work sincerely and have a pride.
Respect, accept and thank to others.
Never take a makeshift way and always choose
the harder route.
Never get too nervous of others' opinions
and face my responsibility.
Work attitude
Behave with consistency and continuity
Look to the outer world and challenge something new.
Build a good relationship of trust, thereby not fearing friction
of human relations.
Set quantified goals and solve problems by using
visible PDCA cycle.
NAGEL・AOBA PRECISION has been manufacturing honing machines for over 70 years
since established as AOBA SEISAKUSHO, and has been providing honing machines,
honing tools, honing stones and honing technology to customers in mainly automotive and motorcycle industries,
not only in Japan but also in more than 30 foreign countries.

Since capital tie-up with NAGEL MASCHINEN Germany in 2007, we have been trying to improve ourselves
and will continue to make great efforts to satisfy customers more than ever.
With this honing technology, we are going to deliver smile to customers, share smile with suppliers,
and create a loop of smile and gratitude with all the employees.

Managing Director Shintaro Ogawa