Advanced honing technology and the best honing performance

Honing process contributes to the wide-ranging fields of the industry.  We support customers' honing process totally!

We are honing various kinds of workpieces for automobile, motorcycle, ship, airplane, railway vehicle, industrial and electronic instruments, hydraulic instruments, and etc.


To start with MX-225 for φ3mm - 40mm, we have a large variety of our advanced as well as eco-friendly M series machines for up to about φ500mm. Such a broad range can meet various customers' demands. Honing tools, stones, honing technology, and even maintenance - We offer and support customers' optimum honing environment totally.

CO2 emissions are reduced by about 40% compared to our conventional hydraulic machine EH series.

Kadia 極小径ホーニングマシン


KADIA is a honing machine maker who is an expert of small diameter honing, supplying not only Bosch and Delphi but also many manufactures all over the world.

U6 NC Linear Honing Machine
2LH 60/350