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MZ-745W NC Honing Machine

[MEDIUM BORE] Bore diameter range: φ60-100mm

Target workpiece

  • Engine block
  • Two wheel engine
  • Liner

Main features

  • Machine can be equipped with 1 through 4 spindles. It can be combined with APC・shuttle table, etc. so that the layout corresponding to gantry or robot transfer is realized.
  • By adopting servo motor drive to spindle stroking and rotation, high-speed honing can be realized.
  • Synchronization processing of stroking and rotation is possible. Such synchronization can make fine cross hatch formation over the entire bore.
  • Stone expansion method can be selected from mechanical expansion adopting servo motor, mechanical hydraulic or hydraulic double expansion.
  • Target range of bore size is φ60~φ100mm that can cover small or middle size engine block.
  • Each spindle individually slides 1200mm. In case one spindle breaks down, alternative spindle can hone all 4 bores of engine block.
  • STOTZ AE convertor and NAP original software are equipped for in-process air gauging.
  • In-process air sizing parameter can be set on the same touch panel.
  • Various options like ATC, pre process measuring, post process measuring, macroform, etc. can be adopted.

Main specification

Bore Diameter Range φ60-100mm
Max. Stroke Length 450mm
Spindle Rotation Speed 10-1,000rpm
Max. Stroke Speed Sync.: 40m/min
  Async.: 25m/min
Spindle rotation servo motor 5.0kw
Spindle stroke servo motor 5.0kw
Stone Expansion Servo Motor 750w / 750w
Height of machine 3,450mm