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Privacy policy

Nagel・Aoba Precision considers protection of personal information to be important social duty, will define privacy policy as follows, and will strive for handling of personal information, management and maintenance.

Date of enactment: July 1st 2013
Nagle・Aoba Precision Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Shintaro Ogawa

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
  Our company acquires personal information with justice.
2. Use of Personal Information
In order to provide higher quality service to customers without delay, we will use personal information for aiming at contacts with customers. Depending on the contents of an inquiry obtained from the customers, we may provide associated company with customers' information as required. In use of personal information, our company recognizes the importance of private information protection , and deals with it appropriately.
3. About Commission of Personal Information
  In case of entrusting all or a part of handling of personal information to a third party, strict investigation about the third party concerned is conducted, and the required and suitable supervision to the third party concerned is performed so that the personal information its handling was entrusted should be safely managed.
4. About the Offer of Personal Information to a Third Party
  Our company does not provide a third party with personal information without obtaining a customer's consent in advance except as otherwise provided by a law such as personal information protection law.
5. About Disclosure, Correction, etc. of Personal Information
  Our company discloses personal information promptly, when there is a request for disclosure of own personal information from a customer. Moreover, the contents of personal information have an error and in case there is a claim of correction, addition and deletion from a customer, we deal with such a claim promptly right after investigation. When a claimer cannot be identified as our customer, we never respond to such a claim.
6. Change of This Plan
  The contents of this plan are subject to change. The changed plan shall be effective as of the moment that the changed plan is published on this web site except for the case we specially establish.