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Honing Technology

Honing is a kind of grinding processes to grind workpieces by abrasive stones. Honing process is pushing multi-stones set in the honing head against the workpiece surface and grinding by combination of rotation and stroking the tool.

Honing Processhoning theory diagram

Honing ProcessHoning Theory Diagram

Features of Honing Process
  • Improve roundness or cylindricity of the pre-processed cylinder.
  • Desired roughness of the surface is attained by using different grit size stones properly.
  • High-efficiency grinding is realized through sheet-like honing by using multi-stones.
  • Honing along the pre-processed bores does not need accurate workpiece positioning against honing axis.
  • Difficult long bore inside honing is practicable.
  • The proper crosshatch that works as a groove for fixing oil on the cylinder surface can be formed by desired angle and depth.

Crosshatch example

Crosshatch example

Target Workpiece

Automobile & motorcycle

Pinion gear Rocker arm Turbocharger parts
Spur gear Helical gear Crankshaft pulley
Steering parts Hydraulic valve Small engine
Mission gear Two-wheel engine Engine block
Power steering tube

Marine vessel

Liner & sleeve for large-size vessel


Landing gear Various kinds of bearings  


Wheels & bearings

Industrial instrument

Multiple manifold, etc.    

Electric appliance

Freezer cylinder Freezer slider Freezer frame, etc.

Hydraulic equipment

Gear pump Hydraulic valve body