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NAGEL group has its headquarters in Nürtingen in the suburb of Stuttgart and has its production sites in India, Brasil, U.S.A. and England and moreover is affiliated with KADIA and TBT. NAGEL group catches meticulously the needs from various kinds of market and provides honing, superfinishing and deep hole drilling machines, tools and process besides.

Superfinishing machine
Centerless Throughfeed Superfinishiing Machine: VARIO FIN SCD

VARIO FIN SCD is a centerless throughfeed super finishing machine.

High process is possible for superfinishing various kinds of workpieces and creating different profile shapes.

nagel works
Target Workpiece

NAGEL is a German machinie maker who has its production sites in India, Brasil, U.S.A. and England, and provides internationally various kinds of finishing machine besides honing machine.

Super precise honing machine
U6 NC Linear Honing Machine: 2LH 60/350
(Minimum bore diameter : Φ2.0mm)

Linear drive high speed and high accurate honing machine

Perfect for super precise processing of fuel injection nozzle or pump

Match honing & Seat honing:
Extra-small bore honing below 0.8mm dia., match honing intended for fuel injection pump or nozzle, and seat honing are resolved by different type of machine.

kadia tools
High precision machining tools

KADIA is a Honing Machine Maker who is an expert of small diameter honing, supplying not only Bosch and Delphi but also many manufactures all over the world.

Slim deep hole drill/BTA machine
Gundrilling machine ML250

High efficient and high rigid deep hole drilling machine

Support high efficient and high precise drilling process totally from machine and tools to drilling process !!

The most suitable for deep hole drilling required at Hydraulic Components, Connecting Rods, Gear Shafts, Small Hydraulic Cylinders, Medical Equipment

tbt tools
Gundrilling tools

TBT is the specialized maker in deep hole drilling and BTA. TBT provides everything of deep hole drilling, that means machines, tools and even drilling process.