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MB-7180S NC Honing Machine

[LARGE BORE] Bore diameter range: φ150-500mm / Max. bore length: 1,500mm

Target workpiece

  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Large bore

Main features

  • Touch panel is adopted for operation panel so that control data for each axis and honing conditions can be set up easily.
  • Once diameter size, crosshatch angle and stroke speed are set up, the spindle rotation speed is automatically calculated.
  • Up to 10 steps of processing conditions can be set up on each channel.
  • A shuttle table is equipped so that the workpiece can be replaced easily during the honing process.

MB-7180S Main Specification

Bore Diameter Range φ140-500mm
Max. Bore Length 1,500mm
Max. Stroke Length 1,800mm
Spindle Rotation Speed 5-80rpm
Max. Stroke Speed 15m/min
Stone Expansion System Hydro expansion system
Diameter Sizing System Timer-counter system
Spindle rotation motor 5.5kw (inverter)
Spindle stroke motor 5.0kw (AC servo)
Height of machine 6,350mm
Floor space 4,400mm x 3,800mm
Machine weight 8t